Friday, August 28, 2009

Grape Suzette

Oil on canvas 8" x 10"
I liked this painting before I put the (what?) vines - flowers - grapes? on the wall - but once painted it didn't come off easily. I did scrape it off once and try again and the second attempt was better than the first - perhaps if I had known what it was I was painting it might have made a difference. Let's call them grape vines and leave it at that!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sunset Sprinklers

oil on canvas paper 12"x16"

We were sitting outside one evening enjoying a cold drink after a hot day, watching the glorious colors spreading across the sky, when all of a sudden the sprinklers came on to water the lawn and the water picked up the colors of the sky and wowed us with it's brilliance.

This painting doesn't do justice to the moment, and I see I should have put more color into the spray of the sprinklers, but it was a challenge to see if I could capture the moment in paint and to a certain extent I think I succeeded.