Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sweet Slumber

The rain kept me awake last night
Pounding against the window
Like the aching sorrow inside
Resounding against my heart

Perhaps it was my thoughts
That may have kept me awake
Like the unceasing rain outside
Thrumming in my brain

Eventually the rain did stop
As did my thoughts
Sweet slumber overtook me
Brought you to me in my dream

Monday, January 21, 2008

Joy of painting

I tried Bob Ross's joy of painting technique
What Bob could do in 30 minutes on PBS
I did in an hour
Maybe if I took a little longer it might have been better
But for a first try, I'd say it's not too bad
My camera kind of washed it out
It looks better on the actual canvas
I still need to practice painting trees

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Am I an artist or what?

What do you think of my first real painting?
I thought it was better before I put the darn tree in the way!

Rays of Hope

Sunshine lingers beyond the horizon
Casting rays of hope and promise
In the colors of the clouds
And though night is falling
And it will be dark soon
Still she has the assurance
That a new day will dawn
And though there is the possibility
That the sun won't shine tomorrow
Yet still she knows the sun is out there
And eventually it will shine again

Friday, January 18, 2008

degrees of forgiveness

Every person alive has done evil
at one time or another
But who is to say
that one evil
is greater than the other
when they both leave wounds
and have a need for forgiveness 
Does forgiveness come in degrees
or is it all equal
Is my sin more deserving of 
or is yours
Only God can say
We both need it

Hurting and Alone

My tears keep flowing
And I feel so alone
I think of you and the tears come
And I know you're alone too
Probably thinking of me
And crying inside as well

How do we let go of each other
When I know we're still in love
When the feelings run as deep 
As they ever have and they're real
And we both know it
And we're both hurting and alone

We remember that we keep hurting each other
Time and time again
The pain is real and it hurts 
Each time we play this out
And though we want to be together
We both know it's time we moved apart 

Streaks of Emotion

The tears have dried
Though sorrow remains
Mixed with anger and regret
A feeling of loss so profound
Echoes within my heart
Warring with the doubt
That struggles in my thoughts

Friday, January 11, 2008

Hello World

Here I am again
Starting a new page in life
Looking for a place
to share a piece of myself
in a safe environment
where I might touch
other souls
who might connect
with my thoughts
or my dreams
or my fears