Monday, July 27, 2009

The fortress

The painting is terrible, I know; but it was the first one I ever constructed from my own imagination, and it was based on a poem I wrote several years ago:

The fortress looms behind her
Its walls thick and tall
The drawbridge has been lowered
The windows opened wide

Below her and to the left
The seascape dances with change
The boat that brought her lover
Swaying in the waves

Off to the right is an apple orchard
The trees heavy with ripening fruit
Carrying the scent of promise
Teasing with the taste of hope

The spirit of God surrounds her
Seeking entrance to her heart
Weaving a spell of love and grace
That she embraces and accepts

Inside the fortress her lover awaits
Having been allowed entrace by herself
He moves about with familiar intimacy
She finds comfort from his presence

She smiles with growing anticipation
As she heads back across the drawbridge
She keeps the doors and windows open
Enjoying the sense of freedom blowing in the breeze

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Spring Rain

This painting was done with acrylics, which I find more difficult to work with, having learned with oils. The paint dries much too quickly, unlike oils and will take some getting used to. I liked the painting much better before I painted the foreground trees.